Vita Nuova is an integrated services firm. The toughest revitalization and redevelopment projects require experts from a broad range of fields looking at the problem together. Instead of hiring multiple firms, Vita Nuova brings expertise in real estate, planning and design, economic development, market analysis, stakeholder communications, and ecological revitalization. Selecting the right expertise for each challenge is a key to the success of our projects. Listed below are some of our experts.

Michael B. Taylor

Elaine Richardson, Vice President

Elaine Richardson
Vice President

Nicole Henderson

Nicole Henderson
Senior Project Manager

Rebecca Kourkoulis

Rebecca Kourkoulis
Senior Project Manager

Tony Bialecki, Senior Economic Development Consultant

Tony Bialecki
Senior Economic Development Consultant

Juliet Burdelski, Senior Project Manager

Juliet Burdelski
Senior Revitalization Project Advisor

Real Estate/Economic Development

Patrick Rowe, Redevelopment Advisor

Patrick Rowe
Redevelopment Advisor

Barry Hersh, Senior Development Consultant

Barry Hersh
Senior Development Consultant

Dale M. Kroop, MS., B.S.W., P.H.M., Senior Economic and Redevelopment Advisor

Dale M. Kroop
Senior Economic And Redevelopment Advisor

Will Warren, Economic Development Consultant

Will Warren
Economic Development Consultant

David Stebbins

David Stebbins
Senior Redevelopment Advisor

Sustainable Solutions

Danielle Costantini, Architect and Planner

Danielle Costantini
Architect and Planner

Mark J. Papa, Landscape Architect / Site Planner

Mark Papa
Landscape Architect And Site Planner

Jessica Kooris

Jessica Kooris
Project Manager

Donald Watson, CIP Architect/ Planner

Donald Watson
Architect / Planner

Ryan Gagahan

Ryan Gagahan
Energy Transition Advisor

Matthew Ulterino

Matthew Ulterino

Christopher Stienon, AIA, AICP, LPP

Christopher Stienon
Senior Architect

Renata Bertotti, Planner

Renata Bertotti

Engineering/Environmental Risk Management

Jim Rocco, Risk Management Consultant

Jim Rocco
Risk Management Consultant

Karl Touet
Risk Manager

John Ackerman, Engineer And Geologist

John Ackerman
Engineer And Geologist

Scott Houldin
Risk Manager

Communications, Stakeholder Engagement, and Training

Kathy Castagna - Senior Brownfields Advisor

Kathy Castagna
Senior Brownfields & Communications Advisor

Neil W. Pariser, Senior Development Consultant

Neil Pariser
Senior Advisor Community & Economic Development

Leslie Parrish

Leslie Parrish
Project Manager

Karen Rogalski, Community Engagement Specialist, MBA

Karen Rogalski
Community Engagement Specialist, MBA

Cassandra Taylor

Cassandra Taylor
Communications & Marketing Support

Ashley Geyer

Ashley Geyer
Communications Manager

Ecological Restoration and Green Infrastructure

Eric Rothstein, Senior Ecologist/ Water Engineer

Eric Rothstein
Senior Ecologist/ Water Engineer

Marita Roos, RLA, LEEDAP, Landscape Architect - Green Infrastructure

Marita Roos
Landscape Architect

Ian Lipsky
Senior Hydrologist

Theo Barbagianis
Senior Project Engineer