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Catondra Noye

Catondra Noye is a Community Development Specialist for Vita Nuova. 

The foundation of Ms. Noye’s work is her belief that everyone should have the opportunity to thrive in healthy, sustainable communities. Her experience is comprehensive, multi-dimensional, and includes work in the private sector, local government, and non-profit industries.

Ms. Noye’s professional experience includes time as a financial analyst with a Fortune 100 company, where she developed an understanding of the positive role that economic systems can play in our lives. Her knowledge deepened as she worked as a planner in the Cleveland region and a consultant in the private sector, where she oversaw the consultant team as well as the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process; economic feasibility analysis; community engagement; preparing federal, state, and local funding requests; vehicle selection; and design concepts. 

Ms. Noye has led major transit corridor studies as a project manager with the Charlotte Area Transit System in North Carolina. She served in leadership roles as Service Development Transit Manager at Broward County Transit in Pompano Beach, Florida; Mass Transit Administration Planning Manager at the District Department of Transportation in Washington, D.C.; Director of Planning at Akron Metro Transit in Akron, Ohio; and at Via Metropolitan Transit Authority in San Antonio, Texas. In each of these roles, she developed and implemented long-range visions that were economically feasible, representative of the communities’ desires, supported economic development, and provided effective transportation. 

As the Assistant Executive Director at Fairfax Renaissance Development Corporation in Cleveland, Ohio, Ms. Noye’s work supports and encourages equitable economic development in the Fairfax neighborhood.

A self-described environmental urbanist originally from northern Ohio, Ms. Noye is proud to work, live and play in the city of Cleveland.