Revitalizing Distressed Communities

Vita Nuova brings a holistic approach to all its efforts, working closely with local stakeholders to bring hope for a sustainable future to their communities.

Vita Nuova is uniquely qualified to offer services to non-profits, economic development organizations, towns, cities, and government agencies supporting the sustainable revitalization of sites, neighborhoods and regions impacted by economic dislocation and accompanying impacts.

“Vita Nuova offers what other planning and development firms do not – a skillful blend of high level expertise coupled with a genuine concern for our neighborhoods and a ‘hands-on’ ability to work with stakeholders from all backgrounds. Vita Nuova has shown us that brownfields are not obstacles. Instead, they offer us opportunities to plan a neighborhood, with its residents, from the inside out.”

We offer a creative set of services provided by recognized practitioners for this task. We have worked on some of the toughest challenges facing our nation, including: mine-scarred areas, high risk environmentally – impacted sites and neighborhoods, highly-charged stakeholder controversies, difficult and costly redevelopment projects, and areas impacted by natural or man-made disasters. Vita Nuova works skillfully with diverse parties including multi-lingual communities, indigenous/tribal communities and other complex groups.

Vita Nuova Services include: