Healing communities impacted by social and economic dislocation and subsequent degradation of physical and environmental settings is at the core of Vita Nuova’s efforts.

Engaging stakeholders is always part of the revitalization process in a community. Understanding their concerns, addressing their problems , and engaging them in a constructive process for moving forward is key to the rebuilding process.

Vita Nuova works with a variety of stakeholders in all its projects and is comfortable discussing complex issues with diverse parties. Vita Nuova works hard to keep stakeholders working together in a constructive process. However, due to its long history of working on complex problems, Vita Nuova is frequently brought into highly-charged situations to try to bring about solutions that meet the needs of all parties. While not always successful, Vita Nuova frequently establishes long-term trusting relationships and helps build bridges where animosity once reigned. Healing communities impacted by social and economic dislocation and subsequent degradation of physical and environmental settings is at the core of Vita Nuova’s efforts. Specifically, Vita Nuova works between government agencies and community groups, between community groups and property owners and in multi-lingual situations.


Vita Nuova specializes in developing and implementing stakeholder-driven processes. Through community-based focus groups, listening sessions, workshops, and charrettes throughout the country, Vita Nuova brings together diverse stakeholder groups to create consensus-based plans for sustainable redevelopment processes.

Stakeholder Engagement Plans

Vita Nuova helps public agencies and non-profits create and implement strategies for involving diverse groups of stakeholders, including property owners, government agencies and neighborhood groups. These strategies establish a constructive format for disseminating information, involving key groups and building trust among the various parties. These efforts are goal-driven, seeking to help parties achieve revitalization of sites, neighborhoods and communities.

Community Design Charrettes/Facilitation

Vita Nuova works in highly-charged, complex stakeholder environments. Vita Nuova employs a number of strategies including charrettes and facilitation services designed to bring together diverse groups of stakeholders. Vita Nuova seeks to identify solutions that address the concerns of all parties. Vita Nuova has facilitated processes involving entire towns, communities and groups disaffected from their governing bodies. Vita Nuova has held community design workshops throughout the country to develop consensus-based plans for redevelopment. These workshops provide community stakeholders with direct access to design experts and the design process. Vita Nuova has helped numerous communities efficiently and effectively identify a sustainable plan for the future.

Communication and Public Programs

Vita Nuova helps create a positive public image for projects by providing research, engaging in community activities and promoting community-based programs. Vita Nuova communicates complex environmental information by translating it into clear and concise information that the general public can comprehend. Vita Nuova creates web-based programs, social media, video and print materials to support stakeholder engagement programs.

Vita Nuova establishes relationships with key media personnel. Providing timely, honest and accurate information is key to long-term positive media coverage for clients. Using all forms of media (print, online, video), Vita Nuova uses news releases, technical articles and community involvement to establish a strong public image.