About Us

Vita Nuova’s Mission

Vita Nuova’s Mission is to collaborate with our clients to creatively tackle complex challenges across North America.

Vita Nuova’s Vision

Vita Nuova’s vision is to expand our sustainable economic development services to more communities across North America.

Why Vita Nuova is different

Unlike traditional consulting firms, we set a course to help rebuild communities and redevelop surplus industrial properties. This course has created the need for different approaches and services not provided in one place anywhere in the consulting industry.

Why Vita Nuova is an integrated services firm

We combine environmental, planning, design, market analysis, economic feasibility, stakeholder communications & engagement, disposition services, and other real-estate and planning focused services in combination or individually, depending on the client’s need.

Vita Nuova works for private and public sector clients to help sell the toughest properties in North America

We help our private and public sector clients sell the toughest properties in North America. In helping a client dispose of a site or help move it toward a new use, we serve as extension of staff to large Fortune 100 companies and small to mid-size communities that need outside expertise. This service is unique in the industry. Rather than hire a broker for complex, difficult to sell properties, we first work to “re-position the property”. We work diligently to identify and remove barriers to redevelopment – whatever they may be. Then, we use a structured disposition process to identify buyers that are capable of completing the redevelopment. We know many of the developers capable of bringing capital and vision to provide “new life” to these properties.

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Vita Nuova rebuilds communities

For over 21 years, Vita Nuova has worked in the toughest communities in North America. We have established relationships with funding agencies, community groups, and local and state governments so that when we come to town, we always know others who can help. Rebuilding a community devastated by disinvestment and depopulation is never an easy task.

Our role is frequently to identify the solutions and set a process in motion for others to complete. We are many times the first ones in to create an action plan. We dig deep to identify opportunities not seen and overcome challenges that have plagued communities for years. We intend to see things from the perspective of those who live there, build trust, and leave in place resources and actions that can lead to revitalized communities over time.

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