Vita Nuova helps owners of complex property- refineries, chemical plants, power plants (nuclear and Non-nuclear) – reposition and dispose of these assets.  From helping clients navigate the superfund process and ultimately to a sustainable reuse or helping clients dispose of surplus assets, we bring a range of expertise designed to meet a range of needs of our clients.

While there are many service providers that do components of what we do, because we focus solely on complex properties and all the issues that make them a problem, we understand the big picture and can help clients navigate the significant risks associated with them in order to avoid pitfalls and create value. Vita Nuova is unique in how our combined capabilities in stakeholder engagement, risk management, reuse planning, and structured disposition services can bring value to your property cleanup and management processes.


Most sites we work on are encumbered by regulatory issues, contamination, lack of infrastructure, poor stakeholder relations or some other issue that is keeping the site from moving toward redevelopment.

Some clients involve us early on in the cleanup/redevelopment lifecycle to help with the following services: