Energy Transition

Vita Nuova is a leading provider of energy transition services. Leveraging decades of experience in redeveloping complex and surplus properties, Vita Nuova is at the forefront of the industry, formulating innovative strategies and providing comprehensive services that pave the way for a more sustainable future.

With the rapid growth of renewable energy, Vita Nuova stands ready to assist clients in repurposing, repositioning, and reimagining properties for renewable energy generation and storage. Our interdisciplinary team, boasting a wealth of expertise, is dedicated to delivering impactful energy transition solutions that address the pressing challenges the public and private sectors face.

Vita Nuova offers a wide range of critical services. From assessing specific redevelopment options on legacy properties to developing cutting-edge renewable energy facilities, the company covers an extensive spectrum of redevelopment services that support new energy uses. These include green, blue, and gray hydrogen production, solar and battery storage, biofuels, biomass steam turbines, wind energy, and nuclear power. Vita Nuova also facilitates refueling infrastructure with hydrogen and EV charging stations.

Vita Nuova’s expertise ensures environmental compliance and facilitates the successful implementation of renewable energy projects.

Vita Nuova’s comprehensive suite of energy transition services includes:

Site Identification/Selection: Vita Nuova’s experts employ their deep understanding of the renewable energy landscape to identify suitable locations for energy transition projects. Through meticulous analysis and careful consideration of factors such as resource availability, infrastructure accessibility, and environmental impact, Vita Nuova ensures optimal site selection.

Site Reuse Assessment: By thoroughly assessing existing properties, Vita Nuova determines their potential for repurposing in alignment with renewable energy goals. This evaluation helps clients uncover hidden opportunities for redevelopment, minimizing costs, and maximizing viable land reuse.

Infrastructure Assessment: Vita Nuova’s team evaluates the existing infrastructure of properties, identifying necessary upgrades or modifications required to facilitate the integration of renewable energy technologies. Through meticulous planning, the company ensures seamless integration of these technologies into existing infrastructure and the energy grid.

Funding & Finance Planning: Recognizing the financial complexities involved in energy transition projects, Vita Nuova assists clients in developing robust funding and finance strategies. By leveraging its expertise in securing grants, incentives, and financing options, the company helps clients overcome financial barriers and realize their sustainable energy ambitions.

Zoning & Permitting: Navigating the intricate realm of zoning regulations and permitting processes is challenging. Vita Nuova’s team of specialists provides invaluable support by managing the complexities of obtaining the necessary approvals and permits for energy transition projects, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Identifying New Energy Uses: Vita Nuova’s forward-thinking approach involves identifying new and innovative ways to utilize energy resources effectively. By exploring emerging technologies and novel applications, the company helps clients unlock the full potential of their properties, maximizing energy generation and storage capabilities.

Additional Services with Trusted Providers Include:

Construction Management: Guiding clients through every project stage, Vita Nuova offers expert construction management services. From project planning and procurement to contractor oversight and quality control, the company ensures the seamless execution of energy transition initiatives.

Cost Estimation: Vita Nuova recognizes the importance of accurate cost estimation in energy transition projects. The company’s experienced professionals leverage their extensive knowledge and industry insights to provide clients with precise cost projections, enabling effective budgeting and resource allocation.

Demolition & Abatement: In cases where redevelopment requires the removal of existing structures or hazardous materials, Vita Nuova manages the demolition and abatement processes using best practices with meticulous attention to applicable regulations. The company ensures that the necessary precautions are taken to minimize the environmental impact associated with such activities.

Remedial Construction: Vita Nuova excels in remediating and restoring contaminated sites, transforming them into safe and sustainable locations for renewable energy initiatives. Through innovative remedial construction techniques, Vita Nuova ensures the proper handling and mitigation of environmental concerns while creating a foundation for renewable energy projects to thrive.