Communicating with Stakeholders

Successful community relations is a deliberate, strategic and ongoing process. Building trust and creating goodwill is a key objective in any project and communications strategy. Clear, concise and consistent communications help to build public support. 

There is no single solution or step by step approach to communicating challenging topics and addressing tough stakeholder situations. Vita Nuova works for both public and private clients and develops project-specific communications based upon client goals, project objectives, and audience. VN team members are stakeholder engagement experts with experience working and communicating with a wide variety of audiences in diverse neighborhoods and communities. Through consistent and authentic communications, our project leaders work to establish a strong foundation of community support for every project.  Whether the project is driven by a regulatory requirement, remedy decision, or revitalization goal, strong communications result in better action plans and more sustainable outcomes.  


  • A situation assessment identifies stakeholder interests, Environmental Justice and equity concerns and is critical in developing proper stakeholder outreach tools and potentially multi-lingual communications.
  • Strategic communication plans clearly define public relations, regulatory and risk management objectives.


  • Genuine stakeholder relationships can identify common goals and help define a path forward. 
  • Interaction with neighbors and community leaders helps to minimize misinformation and clarify misperceptions.
  • Engaging elected officials and key community groups is critical to building support for remedy decisions and reuse plans. 
  • Connecting directly with local/regional communication networks helps to improve reporting and minimize inaccuracies. 


  • Develop communications tools and public presentations around consistent messaging.
  • Disseminate risk communications that simply and concisely defines the issues and explains potential solutions.
  • Create visual communications to communicate and demonstrate complex subject matter.
  • Launch and maintain online presence including website and social media.
  • Produce subject-specific videos for consistent, transportable presentations.

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