Oakley, California

The story of a small town incorporating in the far eastern edge of Contra Costa County, losing 600 high paying chemical processing jobs, missing the retail boom to neighboring communities, and being considered a “culde-sac” by the economic leaders and major real estate brokers in the bay area could be one of near bankruptcy and hard times. Instead it is one of perseverance and patience and steadfast leadership. It is one of maintaining commitments made to see the site through to redevelopment, not taking the easy route of fencing it, and slow-walking the remediation. The story is told here by those that made it happen- Chemours Corporation, Northpoint Development, and the City of Oakley.

Vita Nuova participated in this effort working first for DuPont and then after Chemours was formed, helped facilitate the transaction. Progress on the site can be viewed here. The first 150,000SF building will house an Amazon fulfillment center with 600 full-time jobs. The second building, nearing completion, has three strong suitors and buildings 3 and 4 are under design as we speak.

View a webinar recorded on September 11, 2020:

To view construction underway, visit: https://app.oxblue.com/open/clayco/cclcbldg1