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Christopher Stienon

Christopher Stienon specializes in the design of cities and urban environments with an emphasis on urban regeneration and sustainable development patterns.

His work aims to prepare cities and communities for the 21st Century during which the sprawling urban development that has typified the 20th Century will need to be reconfigured to address issues of environmental, economic and social sustainability. In this context, he envisions the design of the modern city as the creative integration of architecture, urban infrastructure, natural systems, and cultural heritage to generate new urban typologies that are better suited for the economic and environmental challenges facing our society. This approach builds on over 23 years of experience working on high-density urban redevelopment projects in cities all around the world. In this way Christopher effectively uses context and precedent as the basis for a contemporary language of urban design and architecture that reflects the complexities of the modern city.

Christopher Stienon is currently a licensed architect in the State of New York, a licensed Professional Planner in the State of New Jersey, and a member of the AIA, APA, AICP, the Urban Land Institute and the Institute for Urban Design.