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Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor, Founder & President

Michael Taylor is a leading strategist in implementing redevelopments at brownfield and Superfund sites. He regularly serves as a project manager, facilitator, and key strategist, working with stakeholders to sustainably redevelop projects nationwide.

Mr. Taylor works in many of the country’s most challenging areas, including remote rural locations, inner-city environmental justice neighborhoods, and some of the most contaminated sites in the country. He has specialized expertise in bringing diverse parties to consensus to facilitate redevelopment.

He is a pioneer in implementing sustainable solutions at individual sites, neighborhoods, and regions. He specializes in helping second and third-tier real estate communities in economically distressed parts of the country rebuild and move toward revitalization. He understands the perspectives of communities as well as the developers and works to create redevelopments that bring prosperity and long-term sustainability to all parties. Through his work, he has established a broad network and connects community and industry leaders, site selectors, private equity groups, energy transition stakeholders, manufacturers, and developers who can help bring billions of dollars of resources to redevelopment projects.

Mr. Taylor chaired ASTM International’s task group for the National Standard on Sustainable Brownfields Redevelopment and is personally involved in implementing this groundbreaking process at Superfund and brownfield sites nationwide. He has also contributed to national and state environmental policies regarding new approaches to cleanup and redevelopment of brownfields. Mr. Taylor has trained more than 5,000 community, state, and federal officials involved in brownfields redevelopment.

He also served as an industry representative to the Waste and Facility Siting Subcommittee of the National Environmental Justice Advisory Council (NEJAC) of USEPA. As chairman of the Brownfields Work Group and co-chair of the Superfund Redevelopment Initiative Work Group under NEJAC, Mr. Taylor provided guidance to USEPA on issues related to brownfields, Superfund, environmental justice, and the sustainable redevelopment of impacted sites.