Raymark Ballfield Superfund Cleanup Moves Along

The U.S. EPA provided funding to the Town of Stratford and Vita Nuova LLC to plan and redevelop the former Raymark Ballfield Property (OU4), which is part of the Superfund project.  EPA and CT DEEP coordinated with the Town and Vita Nuova to ensure that the cleanup objectives for OU4 align with potential redevelopment opportunities. Vita Nuova worked with the City of Stratford, local stakeholders and USEPA and CTDEP to provide a consensus reuse design for the consolidation area.

The cleanup and consolidation of asbestos-laden waste used for fill in several low-lying areas of Stratford will be consolidated in the former “Brakettes” softball field behind the former Raymark Automotive Brake facility. After many years of study and consultation with stakeholders, the ROD was lodged in 2016 and is moving forward in one of the largest “fund-lead cleanups” in the country. In addition to cleaning up many active properties in Stratford, the consolidation area will create new space for municipal and commercial development in Stratford.  Vita Nuova considered the adjacent Contract Plating (Brownfields) site and the adjacent Town Department of Public Works site as part of their redevelopment planning.

As of early 2018, action on the ballfield site is starting to progress. The barrier wall is under design, excavation preparation of 25 properties is slated to occur this summer 2018, and final preparatory sampling at these properties is underway. The barrier fence and access road are scheduled to be constructed in July 2018. The timeline for waste consolidation at the ballfield is summer 2019-2020.

The issue of storm water management has not yet been resolved. The EPA is looking into solutions to the Town’s storm water system and will work with the Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE), CT DEEP and the Town to resolve storm water runoff from the site as the project moves forward.

The Army Corp of Engineers will serve as the lead agency during the Construction Phase of the project. The EPA will continue to oversee the overall project and focus on community relations for the Construction Phase working with the ACOE contractors to resolve issues of noise, truck routes, dust, and more with stakeholders.