New Year – New Website!

Vita Nuova Launches New Website

May 6, 2022: Vita Nuova is excited to debut its new website and promote our Vision and Mission. In support of our mission, “to collaborate with our clients to creatively tackle complex challenges” and our vision, “to expand our sustainable economic development services to more communities” – Vita Nuova promotes our experience and core services. Marrying planning techniques with economic development analysis ensures that Vita Nuova provides outcomes that not only emphasize smart growth principles, but also build local economies and meet the needs of current and future residents through place-based development outcomes.

We focus on underutilized properties, tackle tough brownfield issues, engaging stakeholders, attracting businesses and neighborhood place-making. Nationally, Vita Nuova is focused on setting up Complex Properties for redevelopment and repositioning catalytic properties.

Vita Nuova’s experience in encouraging place-based development, sustainability, and smart growth planning projects demonstrates that we work closely with Distressed Communities to quickly ascertain the key issues and target assistance in those areas that will have the most effective and longest-lasting impacts.

Vita Nuova has decades of experience in stakeholder involvement and Communications, concentrating specifically on reaching hard-to-engage parties and building consensus for positive outcomes. VN knows that communication is key to overcoming the challenges and ensuring projects are built upon a strong foundation of support.

Visit the new Vita Nuova website and check out our Services!