Introducing the New Redevelopment Trailblazers Webinar Series

Introducing the New Redevelopment Trailblazers Webinar Series

In keeping with the tradition of providing cutting-edge information about redevelopment trends, our partner organization, the Redevelopment Institute, is reinaugurating the webinar series it started in 2006! Now called the Redevelopment Trailblazers Webinar Series, the program will continue to focus on best practices and innovative approaches across the redevelopment landscape. While America is constantly rebuilding its cities and towns, this webinar series will offer ideas and solutions to support ongoing revitalization efforts. Each spring and fall, the Redevelopment Institute will present three one-hour webinars on Fridays during “lunchtime” for East Coasters, so it is available for West Coasters at coffee time! 

The first event, The Power of Partnerships: Exploring ULI’s Homeless to Housed Initiative, is scheduled for February 23. The webinar will explore the Urban Land Institute’s ongoing efforts through its Homeless to Housed (H2H) initiative to address the complex issue of homelessness. The conversation will focus on how the real estate development community can partner to help alleviate the critical shortage of affordable housing in the United States and champion transformative change. More information and registration are available here.

The next two installments of the Redevelopment Trailblazers spring series are listed below. More information and registration links will be available on the website soon!

  • Exploring Strategies for Sustainable Redevelopment of Industrial Properties from the Corporate Perspective: April 19, 12 PM Eastern
  • Reviving Buildings that Create Jobs: June 21, 12 PM Eastern

If you have webinar topic ideas or are interested in becoming a series sponsor, please contact the Redevelopment Institute via email at info AT