Former Chemical Facility Built out in 3 years: Economic and Social Benefits accrue to Community

The former Oakley Chemical facility was sold in late 2020 and is completely built-out with over 1,724,455 SF of new industrial distribution space. The site has attracted major players to the area, investing over $1 billion for new development and infrastructure due to the site’s size, community support, and significant labor pool to fill 1200 jobs.  

Vita Nuova supported two clients in successfully repositioning and disposing of the former Oakley, CA chemical facility. To facilitate site development, our team helped address site constraints, existing infrastructure, soil and groundwater contamination, and significant real estate challenges. Located in what real estate professionals called the “cul-de-sac,” Vita Nuova assisted in establishing the site as a centrally located, thriving distribution center that now provides products to multiple locations throughout the East Bay.  The new development reduces commute times for locals-once an average of 1.5 hours- creates multiple economic benefits including taxes, fees and local spending.  

This transformation underscores Vita Nuova’s commitment to revitalizing complex industrial sites for sustainable development and economic growth.

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