Economic Development Analysis 

Vita Nuova provides a unique service by not simply analyzing traditional market drivers but by tapping into niche, emerging market trends and providing in-depth analysis to unlock the potential of a site or neighborhood. Our experts review current and historic economic activity, business support infrastructure and costs, as well as evaluate the effectiveness of current economic development incentive programs. Interviews are conducted with key stakeholders including property owners, potential investors and businesses to understand the local business environment. Strengths, weaknesses and opportunities are identified and compared to competing communities. At the end of the day, we seek to bring key stakeholders together around a strategy that can be implemented.

Strategic Planning and Repositioning

Vita Nuova believes that community sustainability is derived from a combination of reliance on local initiative and interconnectivity with the region and the world. Vita Nuova works closely with stakeholders to build a vision for economic sustainability and growth that identifies local assets and initiatives, emerging opportunities and new investment. Specific target industries and job creation goals are identified as a framework for specific public sector initiatives and business attraction programs. Vita Nuova seeks to build on the strengths of a community, to help identify and create new initiatives and develop key strategies to reposition the community to attract investment. Opportunities are identified to enhance and promote community assets as a foundation for business retention and attraction strategies.

Project Management

Vita Nuova rolls up its sleeves and works side by side with key leaders to make economic development happen. With decades of experience in some of the toughest communities in the US, Vita Nuova is uniquely postioned to bring together stakeholders and economic development officials to design and implement specific business incentive, real estate and brownfields redevelopment programs. These programs are part of a sequence of incremental public actions that improve a community’s competitive position and its ability to effectively interact with the marketplace. Vita Nuova’s capability ranges from restoration of small junkyard sites to large-scale developments along waterfronts. Vita Nuova’s knowledge of development economics, its ability to work with diverse stakeholders and its creative drive toward sustainable solutions makes us uniquely qualified for many of today’s restoration challenges.