Water Resource Engineering Services

Green roofs for affordable housingVita Nuova offers Water Resource Engineering services at both the building and landscape/municipal scale. An integral principle in Vita Nuova's practice is the belief that rainwater, grey water and black water are resources, contrary to conventional engineering practices that treat these water sources as waste. By harvesting rainwater and treating and reusing grey water and black water, Vita Nuova develops building systems that reduce potable water demand by up to 70% and can bring wet weather discharge to near zero. This model of conservation and reduction of waste water flows eases the burden on communities' overtaxed sewage treatment plants and reduces combined sewer overflow (CSO) into streams, rivers and bays. Vita Nuova's landscape designs use created, native wetlands for detaining and retaining storm water on and within the landscape. The wetlands create valuable habitat, while managing peak and total flows, filtering and reducing wet weather discharges to receiving water bodies and combined sewers.

Green Roofs and Green Roof Monitoring,

Vita Nuova designs intensive green roof components in the interest of storm water management. For innovative projects, Vita Nuova encourages water quantity and quality monitoring to confirm success in achieving storm water management goals.

Low Impact Development/Green Infrastructure

In the interest of reducing combined sewer overflow, Vita Nuova plans and designs low impact development/green infrastructure measures, such as infiltration galleys, rain gardens, treatment wetlands, permeable pavements, and other naturalized systems for retaining and detaining storm flows. These measures can be modeled, planned and implemented over a sewershed area for maximum impact.

Treatment Wetland/Naturalized Detention Pond Design

Greening a gas station for neighborhood projectsVita Nuova designs treatment wetlands with multiple perspectives: engineering goals focused on water management and quality, ecological goals focused on both local and regional habitat value and design goals focused on aesthetics and programming uses.

Hydrologic Modeling

Vita Nuova's water resource-related designs start with rigorous engineering analysis, including hydrologic modeling and water budgets. Vita Nuova uses a multitude of modeling software - everything from in-house models to specialized software, such as SWMM, for modeling the effectiveness of low impact development/green infrastructure measures within a sewershed.

Storm Water, Grey Water and Black Water
Filtration and Reuse Planning and Design

Vita Nuova develops water treatment systems that use traditionally viewed "waste" as a resource. Depending on the source and use of the water, Vita Nuova develops everything from low-tech swale and wetland treatment systems to high-tech membrane bioreactor treatment systems.