Stakeholder Engagement Services

Successful site redevelopment and property disposition requires the active participation of various stakeholders

Helping diverse stakeholders to work cooperatively is an important aspect of most Vita Nuova projectsAn effective stakeholder engagement program will attract interested parties and developers, remove regulatory roadblocks, present financing opportunities, and build public support.

Understanding the unique characteristics of a community and the role a property has played in that community's history is important to identifying key stakeholders. Effectively engaging key stakeholders in the process is invaluable. A well planned project-specific community and public relations plan will transform stakeholders into positive advocates for project objectives.

Community Relations and Facilitation

Vita Nuova deploys numerous consensus building techniques in working with stakeholdersVita Nuova develops strategic community relations programs that build good-will in the community and support project objectives. Through community outreach activities, Vita Nuova brings together diverse stakeholders and establishes a foundation for effective communications. These programs create a constructive format for disseminating information and building positive relationships within the community.

Media Relations

Vita Nuova provides a strategic approach to media relations through a controlled flow of communication. By engaging the local media in a project at the appropriate times, we minimize misinformation and build strong ties with the media and community. Regular review of local publications and monitoring of media outlets provides critical insight to public perception. These include traditional print and television media as well as community blogs and websites.

Risk Communications

Vita Nuova has extensive experience communicating complex environmental information. Our communications professionals are extremely effective at taking complex technical data and translating it into clear and concise information that the general public can comprehend. In highly controversial projects, Vita Nuova often acts as a third party presenter, helping overcome objections and helping build consensus.

Public Advocacy

Redevelopment success is often a combination of public initiatives, regulatory activity and private market drivers. Vita Nuova takes an active role in supporting programs and initiatives that positively impact projects and support our clients' objectives. This may include engaging a wide variety of stakeholders, such as local, state and federal officials, commissioners and other public officials.

Communications Programs

Vita Nuova uses cutting edge technology and public relations strategies to communicate issues to diverse audiences. Our staff establishes a constant flow of information through a combination of media exposure, community outreach and Internet marketing. Vita Nuova has in-house expertise at creating websites, video, print media, and other communication tools.