Risk Management Services

Understanding risk and managing it properly is the key to realizing the potential at an environmentally-impacted site

Helping clients with complex properties understand risks prior to property transfer can reduce costs and eliminate long term liabilitiesVita Nuova's specialists assemble the key regulatory, technical and financial resources to accurately identify, characterize and mitigate risks associated with complex sites. Our knowledge of regulatory programs and initiatives combined with key financial and insurance industry relationships enables us to accurately quantify and mitigate environmental risks and liabilities for owners or buyers of properties.

Financial and Insurance Programs

Understanding the issues associated with nuclear properties is a core competency at Vita NuovaVita Nuova staff have managed portfolios of properties for corporations, run environmental insurance companies and participated in sophisticated risk transfer processes on complicated sites around the country. In order to protect the client's interest, Vita Nuova draws on our ability to understand and quantify environmental risks, work through rigorous regulatory processes, and use financial and insurance tools to minimize liabilities.

Working with Regulatory Authorities

Vita Nuova maintains relationships within most state and federal regulatory authorities in the US and understands how to position properties to achieve client goals. Vita Nuova is well-known for working cooperatively with multiple levels of regulatory authorities to find streamlined and creative solutions that help properties return to productive use unencumbered by lingering liabilities and/or stigma.

Working with Stakeholders

A key element to this approach is working with local communities and environmental groups to ensure their concerns are addressed as part of the regulatory approval process. Vita Nuova has significant experience explaining complex technical information to stakeholder groups with varying educational, cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Vita Nuova has worked with inner city residents, tribal nations, regional and national environmental groups, and all levels of government to achieve acceptable outcomes.