Reuse Services

Vita Nuova helps corporations and private owners reposition challenged real estate and prepare properties for disposition

Our goal is to achieve value by balancing risk management, stakeholder support and property assets.

New vision leads to rejuvenation of 400 acre Superfund site

We tailor each project to meet the specific objectives of the client while considering the unique opportunities and constraints posed by the site. By utilizing a systematic approach, Vita Nuova successfully identifies realistic reuse options for each particular site, regardless of its size, scope, or environmental history. This may be a small (5 acres or less) highly contaminated property or a large (1000 acres or more), remote or otherwise constrained site. It is this precision and flexibility that allows Vita Nuova to identify and design the best redevelopment opportunities for all property types. Vita Nuova's approach embraces the active participation of stakeholders throughout the process, which in turn attracts interested parties and yields greater public support for the project.

Market Analysis

Area-wide analysis of abandoned chemical facility and smart planning create new value for siteVita Nuova's market analysis surpasses the traditional real estate assessment. By focusing on assets specific to the site, Vita Nuova is able to identify unique market niches. Our analysis of local, regional, national, and international economic trends and activities identifies opportunities beyond typical statistically-based reports. A comprehensive site matrix defines synergies between market, economy and property characteristics to identify opportunities for future use.

Reuse Planning and Design

Vita Nuova employs a synergistic planning approach that integrates land use, natural resources, transportation, infrastructure, and market characteristics to create a viable reuse plan. Each redevelopment plan begins with a comprehensive opportunities and constraints analysis that considers existing site conditions and connections with surrounding land uses. Integrating market data, land use planning and environmental risk management criteria, Vita Nuova creates reuse alternatives that acknowledge the unique characteristics of the site. This process succeeds in defining a prescriptive redevelopment that achieves reuse objectives while reducing risk.

Vita Nuova seeks to incorporate green design in its approach to site redevelopment. Whether siting renewable energy alternatives or using green planning techniques, we ensure that your site will be competitive in the marketplace and achieve the highest value possible.