Reuse Services

Vita Nuova successfully identifies realistic reuse options for each particular site, regardless of its size, scope, or environmental history.

A green future for mine-scarred landsVita Nuova works with communities, especially mid-size and smaller cities and towns, urban neighborhoods and other communities facing difficult economic situations. Vita Nuova is a national expert at helping revitalize challenged neighborhoods and properties. Each project is customized to meet the specific objectives of the community and address the unique concerns of stakeholders working to preserve and revitalize their communities. Working with stakeholders, Vita Nuova seeks to bring together local initiatives with public and private finance. Vita Nuova believes in a 'Wall street to Main Street' approach, seeking to help communities access private investment capital for goals established by the community to enhance community life, not degrade it. Vita Nuova maintains long-established contacts with both public and private financing sources.

Property Evaluation and Repositioning Program

Vita Nuova works closely with communities to first evaluate a challenged site before developing a customized repositioning program. This approach seeks to identify market opportunities while recognizing and developing strategies for addressing the unique environmental constraints and liabilities associated with them. Vita Nuova successfully identifies realistic reuse options for each particular site, regardless of its size, scope, or environmental history.

Market Analysis

Vita Nuova's market analysis surpasses the traditional real estate assessment. Vita Nuova seeks to identify 'local' niche opportunities as well as regional, national and international opportunities. Vita Nuova identifies trends and opportunities outside the statistical marketplace. A comprehensive site matrix defines synergies between market, economy and property characteristics to identify opportunities for future use. This approach leads to creative solutions intended to augment the sustainable restoration of sites and rejuvenation of communities.

Reuse Planning and Design

Vita Nuova employs some of the best site planning professionals and urban designers in the business. Focusing on a sustainable approach, Vita Nuova's process helps communities plan for the next generation. Vita Nuova incorporates a synergistic planning approach that integrates land use, natural resources, transportation, infrastructure, and market characteristics to create a sustainable plan that:

  • Heals the breach between 'man and nature' incorporating best practices to restore ecosystems and create value by integrating natural features into the redevelopment;
  • Incorporates 'green' energy and transportation choices to address climate change concerns; and
  • Identifies models of rebuilding communities based on sustainable models of development, green affordable models of housing, and access to healthy food and multiple transportation options.

Each redevelopment plan begins with a comprehensive opportunities and constraints analysis that considers existing site conditions and connections with surrounding land uses. Integrating market data, land use planning and environmental risk management criteria, Vita Nuova creates reuse alternatives that acknowledge the unique characteristics of the site. This process succeeds in defining a prescriptive redevelopment that achieves reuse objectives while reducing risk and rebuilding communities.

Community Design Charrettes/Facilitation

The community decidesVita Nuova works in highly-charged, complex stakeholder environments. Vita Nuova employs a number of strategies including charrettes and facilitation services designed to bring together diverse groups of stakeholders. Vita Nuova seeks to identify solutions that address the concerns of all parties. Vita Nuova has facilitated processes involving entire towns, communities and groups disaffected from their governing bodies. Vita Nuova has held community design workshops throughout the country to develop consensus-based plans for redevelopment. These workshops provide community stakeholders with direct access to design experts and the design process. Vita Nuova has helped numerous communities efficiently and effectively identify a sustainable plan for the future.