Green Building and Development Services

Reducing costs through innovative approachesVita Nuova's Green Building and Development services assist communities create sustainable solutions for development that integrate the needs of human communities with nature. Vita Nuova's services strive to bring together building users and owners to create a quality product for building owners and the greater community, while embracing sustainable practices throughout the process. These services range from general green building guidance to specific recommendations for building materials and LEED® certification.

Green Building and Development Plans

Vita Nuova is currently working to integrate green building and design plans into affordable housing programs, mixed use developments, university buildings, urban developments, and other neighborhood plans. Vita Nuova is integrally involved in seeking ways to reduce the costs associated with green development, including incorporating passive haus, net zero energy techniques and other innovative approaches to development.

Peer Review Workshop (GIVE™ Workshop)

In order to support communities and local architects and engineers, Vita Nuova has developed the Green Investment Value Engineering (GIVE™) Workshop. The GIVE™ workshop brings energy and environmental building design experts together with design teams of architects, engineers, managers, and clients of building projects. In the workshop, the experts work collaboratively alongside the project teams to find the best green solutions to real issues and opportunities. Vita Nuova combines years of green architectural experience with the best engineering and energy modeling expertise to support these workshops.

Sustainable Codes

Greening the pastVita Nuova works with and develops sustainable codes for municipalities that address key environmental concerns within a zoning framework. Vita Nuova has developed green building codes, best practices and design guidelines for various development sectors, and uses and develops codes for land development. Vita Nuova combines land use, green design expertise and environmental regulatory and standard development capability to support communities in developing 21st century zoning codes and best practices guides.

Building Energy Modeling

Vita Nuova provides building energy analysis, both for new construction and existing buildings, to develop building performance baselines and to provide recommendations to reduce energy demands. Using computer simulation, Vita Nuova staff analyzes HVAC systems in order to determine if they are accurately sized. Energy modeling also investigates daylight optimization, renewable energy feasibility and carbon footprint reduction strategies. The primary focus with energy modeling is to identify energy conservation measures and to quantify energy and cost savings, using whole-building energy analysis simulations and spreadsheet analysis tools.

LEED® Certification

Vita Nuova offers LEED certification consulting and assistance for new construction, rehabilitation and neighborhood development. LEEP AP professionals support the development of projects and ensure that the most cost-effective solutions are proposed. The LEED rating system emphasizes state-of-the-art strategies for sustainable site development, water conservation, energy efficiency, materials selection, and indoor environmental quality.

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National City Green Automobile Repair Code

The National City Green Automobile Repair Code report provides a series of recommendations for general municipal zoning code revisions to specifically address auto body-related land uses.

Drawing on best management practices and case studies, this report provides specific recommendations on how National City can incorporate the findings and recommendations of their initial planning document (the Westside Specific Plan) and alter its current zoning code to more appropriately address the auto body-related uses as a separate district or as a part of a more general mixed-use area.