Ecological Services

Restoring environmentally-impacted sites through ecological restoration is a key feature of Vita Nuova's approach

Restoration of impacted natural systems is a key focus for Vita NuovaVita Nuova's ecological services combine the design disciplines of engineering, architecture, landscape architecture, and ecological restoration in order to solve environmental design challenges at multiple scales, from small passive recreational parks in urban neighborhoods to large degraded wetlands systems covering hundreds of acres. Vita Nuova specializes in working closely with the client to meet the objectives of regulatory and stakeholder acceptance.

Vita Nuova has completed such diverse projects as active urban parks to restoration of major contaminated sites to conservation and preservation of important ecosystems.

Vita Nuova services include:

  • Reference site analysis
  • Hydrologic evaluations and modeling
  • Hydrogeologic evaluations and modeling
  • Soil evaluations
  • Light regime analysis
  • Plant selection / planting plans
  • Monitoring and maintenance plans
  • Adaptive management plans
  • Ecosystem assessments
  • Ecological risk assessments
  • Construction planning and oversight
  • Community stewardship and education planning
  • Interpretive design and venue development
  • Landscape master planning
  • Urban landscape and passive park design

Ecosystem Analysis and Restoration

Vita Nuova analyzes an ecosystem, within a variety of geographic scales, to determine and evaluate the human and environmental factors that impact the ecosystem. This analysis helps communities resolve the environmental challenges impacting an ecosystem. Vita Nuova restores degraded and urban sites to native ecosystems that serve as habitat for local fauna and migratory birds. These systems are designed to filter storm water and effluent, as well as manage waste water and storm water flows. Vita Nuova helps resolve issues related to degraded, contaminated sites by working with nature's healing powers to restore these areas.

Interpretive Design and Venue Development

Creating habitat that is valuable is an important aspect of stakeholder consensus buildingAs a part of Vita Nuova's ecosystem restoration services, we consider the potential for human encounter and interaction with nature. Vita Nuova designs venues to record the natural and human history of an area and creates opportunities for environmental education. Vita Nuova designs opportunities for safe, interactive and inspiring interaction with nature as a part of its ecosystem restoration services.