Private Project Experience

Corporate Risk Management at Major Industrial Facility

Vita Nuova assessed the potential reuse of an 85-acre manufacturing site with 57 buildings in the northeast US.

The property, a RCRA facility undergoing cleanup, was once a thriving chemical manufacturing plant. With manufacturing operations closed and site dismantlement underway, the corporation seeks to promote redevelopment of the site.

Vita Nuova was retained by the owner to assess the potential reuse of the site and identify a strategy for integrating cleanup and redevelopment efforts. Vita Nuova assessed the property within the context of its geographic setting, determined suitable reuses for existing buildings, analyzed the current real estate market, and identified potential markets for the site. Vita Nuova reviewed the existing environmental data and worked in conjunction with corporate environmental consultants to develop a strategy and schedule for site transfer.

In response to the data collected, Vita Nuova developed two conceptual reuse plans for the property which illustrated a multi-parcel development, new access roads and traffic circulation, and also identified potential land use activities. This reuse assessment provides all the data necessary to help ensure the proposed cleanup would match the planned redevelopment. The reuse planning process helped the client meet the regulatory milestones and control costs associated with cleanup planning.

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